Monday, October 02, 2006

"Necessary Interactions"

It seems that life has an interesting way of telling you that you are moving in the right or wrong direction.

From my abstract collection.
This is called "necessary Interactions"
Oil and mixed medium

There is so much to this painting. It took over ten years to complete this piece. It has rice, aerosol, oils, acrylic, and heavy gesso in this structure as well as passion, redemption, salvation, renewed strength, creativity and intrigue.

This piece represents the deity of abstract painting. It has the raw vision of a sketch and the blunt smell of fresh bread in front of a bakery. The bold lines were created as I was in prayer. The honesty of the lines moves you into a dimension that will explore each and everyone individually as a graphing of life as a dream narrative that you might dream for days, concurrently.

The color is a investigation of facts and supposablies (I know its not a real word). But suppose that certain opposite hues were not that same, and contrasting colors were superimposed upon each other to create a flared psychological morphemic that decodes the very thing that you need in paintings. (Well lets just say the purest on certain colors exposed to a fire that this painting truly made it out of and was reborn, like a phoenix).

One of the things that happen in my abstract works are the uncovering of life's excuses for reality.

Well write me lets dialog about it.
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