Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Exploding Language

Greetings Friends and fellow bloggetts. I have been far too busy to re-enter this world lately and I do apologize. I will make it my business to continue my monthly blogging, in spite of lifes world-winds.

So since we last blogged there has been so much taking place. The Soul on Ice show was hugely successful and I will post some pictures later this week about it. I have since then started the process for the Exploding Language show. This show is gonna be really an interesting exploration of the Black Arts Movement. The artist included in this show are Torkwase Dyson, Tim Portlock, Mica Lee-Anders, Christopher Harrison, Charles Huntley Nelson, Michael Paul Britto, Jessica Ann Peavy, Ernest Bryant III,and of course myself. The drawing above is a sketch I did last week at the Powderhorn Arts Festival. It was kind of boring sitting there watching people. Sold a little but of course the connections were there. I'm excited to do this project ( the Exploding Language). This will be the hottest thing during the National Convention around here. Sometimes timing is everything. The government has apparently put limits as to what can be created (public art) during the National Republican Conventions. That's funny, eh? Anyway I'm back and will be writing, stay blessed-
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