Friday, August 15, 2008

Unity is escaping--The Topic Is Race; the Art Is Fearless, the artist is Rashid Johnson

This illustration I created with the thought and the struggle that exist between us as a people, business and culture.  Sometime I think we are headed in a vertical format but still appose each other.  We fight to maintain our own but forget about the others around us. B

"Business Struggle", Gauche on weighted watercolor paper
"It takes a village to raise a child", that was quoted as an African proverb, Hilary Clinton thinks that she coined it:D  Team work is something that demands that we trust in and rely on each other.  You know you actually have to believe in that persons abilities in some respect.  This is a hard task to ask, at times.   

Anyway I was brosing the web and came across another fabulous show I missed.  Read the article the NY Times did about it.   This show was back in March that displayed an awesome artist Rashid Johnson at Nicole Klagsburn Gallery.  Please check this brother out.  There are somethings that represent the pun of our realistic pondering.  
This is one of his photo's.
"White Bronco (things I'll buy when I get my reparations check)" 
done in chromogenic development print 2003
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