Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Fall, but get back up.......

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To The Heavens"  it is 24 X69 oil, rice, pastel, gesso on wood
Greetings Friends, and art family members. Sorry about the wait for the latest installment of my blog I have of course been busy. This piece that you are looking at now is titled "To The Heavens" it is 24 X69 oil, rice, pastel, gesso on wood. This is one of the Praise series that I recently completed. Since I last addressed you I have started this process of creating wood panels for painting, I am finding that I really enjoy painting on these.

Also I am continuing the tradition of inserting rice in my gesso as foundation. Yes, It is actually rice; representing all nations and all demographics.

Recently, I also signed up for the Black Art in America page to help promote my work along with applying for the Jerome Emerging artist grant (this did not work for me, there were others selected).. Persistence and perfection, persistence and perfection. I’m going to get there. Here are a few more pieces I created this summer/fall.

Postured Glare 16 X 16 oil, gesso, pastels, rice on wood

Raise The Praise,  Oil, Gold Leaf, Pastels, Gesso, Rice on wood

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