Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pro Global #2

Awesome opportunity to create this mural at Sanford.  The sketches were based on photo's that students took of each other in a series of events and days.  I have a graphic design class I teach youth in the after school program who work with design challenges in the whole spectrum of the mural.  I am really impressed with this group; I taught them principals of how to create the most influential critiques to their art works. We discussed:
  1. Describing the elements of a piece (which includes line perspective, space and movement)
  2. Explain the subjects matter of the art (what's in the piece, what recognizable and why are they there how do these images play together in the communication of the objects)
  3. Detailed qualities of the work, ( the materials used and how to get the best usage from these tools)

These are my primary question I ask students in the critique session that we have with each other however it was amazing to hear their feedback about the mural project and ask some of the same questions.  Incredible job young people, incredible job.

The fun thing is seeing the diverse students interact and show how they are superstars among each other.  This project is turning to an exciting and fulfilling assignment.  Each morning I have a team of 3-5 students work with me for an hour and, Wednesdays I have out art teacher Marlene Maloney (artist/teacher) art class' work with myself and a few other students on this project.  I will do another posting on next week to keep you up dated on the progress, stay posted!!

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