Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lowry Cafe: Through November 2014

This summer I have had an opportunity to show art work at the Lowry Cafe in the North-side community of Minneapolis here a large number of urban families live including mine.  I'm honored to show work near my home and support the ideas of expanding the communities of color through arts and visual challenges.  These two pieces are currently hung there.  The first piece is "Praying Hands" it is Oil and rice on wood.  The second is "Cosmic Praise" Oil, Rice, Pastels on Wood.  I have two other pieces there as well. The Lowry Cafe is a nice cafe positioned next to a black owned book store, Ancestry Books, and a hardware store. There is a Family dolor stare nearby an Aldi's and Subway as well. This area is key because it is situated in a prime area for business and neighborhoods, shopping and eating.  I'm excited to continually show work in our neighborhoods to assist with the exploration of the arts and art making in Minneapolis, if you have the time please stop by and eat and view the art work.

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