Monday, January 05, 2015

Inside my..... FREELANCE WORLD- 2014-

With Several new projects that I am currently working on has a lot of valid perspectives added to the understanding of commissioned works and murals for organizations.  One such project was a commission done for a woman who hired me to do a large scale painting of an outlined image of a black woman's face.  I'm not sure where this image came from but it has a mesmerizing effect on viewers and pushes the viewer to become enveloped with the image and its soulical perspective of you as the audience.

I am currently working on another project with Family Focus in Robinsdale an amazing non-profit who works to restore families and individuals.  They have some incredible services for broken and damaged family units who look for assistance to renewed lives.  Over the summer I worked with the d irector to create a new logo for them. I recently completing the mural that will be used to cover the entrance to one of their meeting rooms.  This mural will cover a smaller space but will be power packed with color and life.
                                                 This is the Logo I designed
Mural reflects the community and familiy

Another project I recently completed was a commissioned piece by a family that would like a painting of a soldier and the text over it "...but as for me and my house we will serve the Lord".

Throughout the holiday break I worked with Arts Us in Saint Paul working with youth to paint a canvased mural with several panels this is a glimps of some of this project.

Theses are just a few updates of what I've been up to continually working of a show for late 2015, stay posted and as always appreciate you keeping up with me.
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