Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The northside arts FLOW and National Night Out: Mini Portraits

The last weekend I was honored to play another part of the art crawl in North Minneapolis.  I love our cross but in North Minneapolis there usually isn't very many people was able to purchase artwork because the prices are too high.  I'm really a big proponent of allowing artwork to be in the spaces of bourbon families and homes.  For at work is cool but I really had to heart desire to do something more to get oil paintings at peoples homes.  Don't really know very many people in North Minneapolis who owns an oil painting in a home more or less a portrait of themselves or family member.  Yet prayed about this thought about it a lot kind of went through some ideas on what I could do about this problem that we have in our community, so I settled on small 5 x 4 panels that I created and someone purchased and I started to do self-portraits and oil for people for $15 each.  Now this is very affordable for a lot of people it's cool to have a small little gift like this for someone for birthday for holiday for anniversary or even to prepare for Christmas so I thought that this was a really cool opportunity to launch something great, but small, pun intended.  So since last Saturday I have payment 17 self-portraits of people and I'm very excited about the process and the way things are going.  Is an example of a few.

The coolest part to this project that I started it's just like a sketchbook it allows me an opportunity to grow and get better while I'm getting paid while people are attaining small oil paintings for me to hang in our homes are to build a collection.

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