Monday, August 21, 2006

Karas Walkering a Thin Line (repost)

O.k. I was thinking about the artist Kara Walker.

Kara Walker creates these elaborate shadows that are old slavery, plantation narratives, that depict the slave women hanging the slave owners, while the slave women give oral compensation to him (kindo wild, eh?)

check her out for yourself:

Yeah, I love her as an artist she’s well spoken and quite a scholar but, Well, here is the question?

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Free Image Hosting at
Should artist have a sense of responsibility to community if they are African American, and do Racially charged work?

(example : Kara Walker, Betty Sarr, Michael Ray Charles).

I think about the desensitizing of the slavery movement. If we as artist choose to address such issues then why ought we to create works that take responsibility away from so called white America?

" I'll buy this art, its funny, it pokes fun at how slave owners and racist individuals did and still do."

Christopher-Aaron...... O.k. I'm biased I need work that charges my spirit, the soul and the mind
not removes my guilt over the wrong thoughts that I may have had about a group of people that make me prejudice.

Personally I have experienced the police brutality, the racism, the targeting accusations about being or doing something that I did not (profiling), the job denial letters, the looks when you pass a woman of another culture and they clinch their purse, called a nigger growing up in at a private school where my sister and I were the only two African Americans in the school, the comments and all. But I am not creating racially charged artwork (as a continual body of work, to base my content on). And if I did why even today in the society that we dwell in would an artist try to pass through the minds of others that we are ok, and healing has already taken place? I believe whole heartedly that If you are a white American you should not be holding the burdens of SOME forefathers that wronged others in the onset of slavery in this country, but we stop being educated when we try to desensitize truth.
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