Monday, December 11, 2006

Kehinde is doing it Big......

I remember in 2005 walking 5 blocks to a gallery named Franklin Art Works, here in Minneapolis. The night was cold, it was January, and the show was with this artist that I had just head about name Kehinde Wiley. Impressively enough I took the red pill and dove in. The show was off the chains, not to mention meeting Kehinde Wiley, himself. Cool guy I took a walk with him as he smoked and talked about the politics of the art world. With his rep from Tilton there I was schmoozing and kissing major bottom.
After chatting with Kehinde I was really inspired that this brother from the west coast residing in the east could do what he was doing. He's impressive and I thank you Kehinde for the encouragement and the autograph (sweet deal). Now Kehinde has blown up and that is literal, I remember when Jean Michel Basquiat was the man and I think that Kehinde will surpass him in status of African American art history, and that not a cut on my man Jean but, well, you tell me, check him out for yourself. The one thing that I noticed that they have in common is that they both paint without shoes on.

He has since, been on the Today Show with Matt Laurer, painted works for the VH1 Hip hop Show in 2005, and really have had incredible success. This brother is a great example of African American Art and Art making today!
Go ahead Kehinde you've got my support!
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