Monday, December 11, 2006

MCAD and Ellen Gallagher

Awesome School, yeah! really not just because I graduated from there in 1996, and not because I am currently teaching a class there (January 07).
But, really because there is a profound message that resonates in the halls of the former, present and future students there; where there is a energy that surpass visiting a single artist studio and being inspired. MCAD has an energy that sparks the interest and spontaneity of creativity and integrity of the evolution of the mind (WOW, THAT'S DEEP).
I am convinced that there is a resounding Deity that resides in the souls of the students that are fired up about art and art making.

MCAD - Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2501 Stevens Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55404

View Map(612) 874-3700

The class "In the Life of Ellen Gallagher" is a splendid study of the life of a modern-day artist whom I believe has earned strips in the I war against the Pleasantville-types (you now those of whom wish to deminish art and art making, because it is the ultimate freedom of speech).Anyway I'll address more about Ellen after I see the show at the Walker.

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