Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guernica's War--chaos and purpose

As an art watcher/investigator/interigator I usually pick apart images and art works. Not in a bad way but observational, questioning, imagining and responding. Our thinking as a society should consistently disect these ideas throughout lifes experiences and not just eye-candy (visual arts, or for what I am writing about today). As I stated earlier that Picaso was a pacifist in a weird nonconforming way but in the works that ALLLLLLLLLLLL artist are socially conscious on some level. It doesn't always come out in the works but sometimes in text.

We aught to ask ourselves as artist how do we teach each other to think? Thought is what we learn or refined thinking is great disipline, to put it another way! As I explored the relationship between the study of thought process and controversal art I began to explore arts even in a subtle way that challenges the way we percieve information. This is about much more than the dominance of style, form, color, and status it's about who's communicating a message that moves you to think.

At the auspicious dragon web site there are truely some provoking ideas that are being formed here. Check them out as well. Relativity 1953 Lithograph
M.C. Escher

As You can see this piece here done by Mr. Etcher is a historical piece. Relativity influences thet thought of travel, traveling towards a predestined destiny???? I'm not sure yet it doesnt quite ever get there and it also seems that that the this work has an unlimited groove (flow) on the synthetic staging of an alter reality
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