Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mark Bradford does some cool................

Street Level: Mark Bradford, William Cordova & Robin Rhode

Mark discusses his performance art in this promotional clip for a segment on Art21 Season Four. Art21 included this description of his work: Mark Bradford uses signage and advertisements scavenged from the street to create wall-sized collages which respond to the impromptu networks that emerge within a city, such as underground economies, immigrant communities, or the use of abandoned public space. In his films, Bradford captures and documents the cultural, political and racial conditions of an urban environment.(images fo the Art 21 4th season)

View his performance here!!!

I was honored to meet him at the Kara Walker exhibit this past February 2007. Tall mellow guy with a large personality. Then I later looked him up and experienced his abstracts they really blew me away. Go ahead and look at his works, they WILL impress you.
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