Monday, September 03, 2007

One million dollars donated to the HIV cure and fighting againgst AIDS

As an Instructor and Artist I have found that throughout the time spent creating art there is a significant link to self and the discovery of thehumanities. While I have experience creating Neo-Manerist paintings, abstract INCONSCIOUSSNESS artworks, and prints; there is no comparison to the work that changes the lives of individuals.

Upon research I discovered HIV/AIDS Facts For MinnesotaAs of 12/31/05, a total of 7,824 HIV and AIDS cases have been reported to the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) since the epidemic began:1,539 (20%) African American469 (6%) Africa-born431 African Americans have died 31 Africa-born persons have died 1,156 African Americans currently living with HIV (includes those who haverelocated to Minnesota) 587 Africa-born persons currently living with HIV (includes those who have relocated to Minnesota)304 new HIV cases were reported in 2005:158 (52%) cases among whites: rate 3.7 per 100,00066 (22 %) cases among African American: rate 39.3 per 100,00048 (16%) cases among Africa-born: rate 96 – 136 per 100,000 Statewide rates for African Americans were 11 times greater than whitesRates for Africa-born communities were 26 to 37 times greater than whites* only 4.3 of Minnesotas population is African American. (CDC)

This summer of 2007 I created these two by three black on black cresentboard paintings that would sell for two dollars and fifty cents. This artwork would lend assistance to the African American Aids programs in which one dollar of each sell would go towards The Black AIDS Institute and Product Red. My goal by the year 2009 in have sold one million of these pieces in effort to get the word out, this is the number one cause of death among African American.

I encourage you to assist me in the support in this cause. These small paintings are $2.50 each and $1 of each will be donated to these two organizations. These paintings are presented at an acual size and are all pastel drawing/paintings on black on black cresent board over clear golden acrylic paint and rice (for that particular style, please see future info in rice paintings). These are a few that I have started with, if you are interested in being a part of this contribution and more please contact me via email ( or post a comment.

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