Sunday, March 15, 2009

Your Bussiness Struggle

I am so very sorry that I have not written in a while. I will make it up to you asap.

I have to say that this piece has everything to do with life here in this great country as we speak. The poverty struggle, the joblessness struggle, the homelessness struggle.

I recently moved away from my family's townhouse and it was quite a mission. I was mostly packing and moving stuff on my own which required extreme energy levels. I tell you, you must have friends, real friends it's priceless. Yeah, you all came through at the last minute but nevertheless you did come through to allow me an opportunity to load your vehicles with stuff.

Bussiness Struggle, Watercolor--Christopher-Aaron Deanes

This all took place less than a week prior to Christmas. Well, you know how this could possibly be a problem (finanacially). However we stuck it out and moved forward. The family is quite scattered at this time. I am staying with an artist friend everyone else is scattered. Sometimes God will shift your existence to build your charatcter for the very things that he needs you to equip you for the hat he intends to place on your head, and I tell you I have a large head!

The journey is not completed of course. There is a shifting in the art, family, and resources. I seems like it doesn't ever end. My website is undergoing an overhaul as a result of this. I am also working diligently on applying for the Whitney Independent Study Program and the doctrate Program at The University of St. Thomas.

I recently read this article about how a certain culture was enamered with the ideas of created the perfect little utopic world for their children and children's children. Even the bible addresses leaving an inheritance for your children and theirs. The only thing is that like in this article the very next generation was inspired by their predicessors and began to revolt against the systems set in place to create a better and more equiped place for their own generation. So you see we even as a nation that fights to get back to the prosperity of the 90's we too need to adapt and get better.

Cars run by oil/ there should be cars created to run on electricity and water. Electric run homes/ to use solar power. Wind turbines, water power used for electricity etc, etc, etc. When we realize that this Nation as a pioneer that we are is moving then we can create productive jobs for us all that will embody us as a people and not us as individual consumers.
This is the Nano Car created by and India Company Tata. Its 10 feet long and 5 feet wide. Its all aluminum and it runs 50 miles per gallon. Thats all great but heres the big thing its $2,000-$2,500 unloaded. WOW! Now why can't American compete with this? Are we too greedy? I tell you.
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