Monday, September 22, 2008

The Exploding Language show is going............... There has been several developments that really exploit the minds of man's though of what prejudice is. Ernest Brynat III has been interviewed on this public news station for the exposing langauge to people. It's quite interesting as to how peopel take this and make assumtions, but also to its end we too have to be responsible to execute the expression of people minds to open their understanding of culture and community.

This is a a video from the fox 9 news channel nuff said there eh?

This is one of the most exploratory shows I have both experienced and been a part of, I am interested to get more feed back about this show from viewers and critiques alike.

Exploring the Black Arts Movement involves the attention of a community of folks that really don't have much experience or exposure to the arts; in a way that others do. As I look around at other families and people in my community; I see what is considered creative--- the latest Nike shoes, the coldest rap lyric, who sounds like lil' Wayne or Kanye' West. Then there are the creative Hip Hop generation that dress a way (saggy pants, one leg up, hat in a different direction large belt buckles with flashy bling to boot). The Hip Hop generation is a look, a life style, and a sound.

But wait a minutes... haven't we as a people always been the ground breaking pioneers of this country and now the world? Someone school me......

I viewed the Art 21 web site this week to discover the Kerry James Marshall my all time favorite fine artist and spokesman. Well versed, articulate, educated, and awseome art.

"Untitled Painter" 2008 courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery

"Untitled Pin-up" 2008 Acrylic on PVC courtesy of Koplin Del Rio

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