Tuesday, April 14, 2009

alone vision

This is the African Elder print I've created a while ago titled "Vision". This piece was done in linoleum block ink and acrylic. It represents the future and the aspirations of what is to come.

We have to believe that there is a better tomorrow especially those of us that are wrapped up in the today's dealings. My bills, my family, my stress, my depression, my dissonance towards what is given.

Isn't it natural to rebel on some level? I mean Adam and Eve, Noah and Nineva, O.J. and the rest of us. LOL

Ive been swamped working of literature and flyer's for my church and man what a lot of work ministry is. I have also been busy painting.

As a painter I find myself painting my mood at times. sometimes I feel as though its an internal thing , that maybe we don't just frown externally but internally as well sometimes. I have had so many people that are drawn to these images that express the lower character of our emotions. There is something that intrigues me about these images beyond the texture of the paint, and brush stokes as usual. The delivery of docile temperaments in people, the type we don't run across often are clearly displayed in the direction of of theses individuals. They are also fictional characters. I want the reader to see people they know or have seen before. Because these are quite possibly people that I have seen before. The next 6 wood block portraits will have a different color in the back ground. Maybe the mood also has a lot to do with the color, the cool colors in the background of the first 6 pieces, maybe I should name then after moods or emotions as a result?
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