Friday, July 10, 2009

The 18th Annual Powderhorn Art Fair, August 8-9th

This is the Art Fair I look forward to every year.  Not just because My artist group T.A.W.U. is involved in this fair but also because it is situated on a day that involves three art fairs around the cities.  Even the Cities transit system is up to reflect free rides between the other art fairs and this one.  There has been a long debate about the Art Fairs that are happening on this day and how they operate.  Popular opinion says that The Metris Uptown Art Fair which is of course in Uptown on Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis its with standing to be the National attention getter.  Lots of artist from all over the country attend this event and sale art work.  The boot fees are always pretty high and you are expected to get the grunt of high end art and and rub elbows with people with money.  Then there is The Loring Park Art Festival involves more of a cultural attention crowd.  you can go there to attain, taste, view and partake in vendors of savory foods, drinks and very diverse culture.  Now they also have a listing of about 140 artist on tap that are involved in folk art and some crafty type works (sometimes this is the more functional art out there, and theses are the artist that will probably sell the most this year, simply because people are looking to purchase things that help and not hinder the pockets.  Then there is The second oldest of the three, The Powder horn Arts Festival I'll start by giving you the quote from their website 
“We originally planned on visiting all three art fairs this weekend: Powder horn, Loring Park, and big daddy Uptown. Powder horn Park was so perfectly inviting, and the artists so interesting, we spent the whole afternoon there and never looked back.” -Filmmaker Chuck Olsen.  This says  lot certainly, and I'm very excite this year because I will have my daughter working the booth with me and selling some art work and talking to people about that art culture that I love so much.  Now please don't  think I am steering you away from the other two but please come out and partake of the fruits that we will be sharing with you this first weekend in August.   The Powder horn Arts Festival encompasses up and coming artist maybe some novice maybe some formally trained and certainly some fold artist.  Gotta get the getting while the iron is hot, eh?  
Also I forgot to mention that the Target Art Hop (this is what the Twin Cites has dubbed these events) , has a free bus service, for art lovers to enjoy a variety of artists, locations and cultures that nourish you hungry creative minds.
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