Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bishop "from the x-men"
I ran across this black site and found it amazing. There is even this comic coming out about Storm "ORORO – BEFORE THE STORM" is called. I am a big fan of Storm and the X-men. Mr. T and Black Panther are a few more coming out. I am diligently working on this 38X42 piece for the Powder horn Arts Festival. I'll post a few images of this later.

A few years ago Aaron McGruder quit the cartoon strip business and just does the cartoon on Adult Swim Network. I was initially disappointed then I realized that he comes out better and more independent of his own characters. You go Mcgruder. We are we enthralled with the BrotherMan comics back in the day and they are making a comeback now also August 1st check them out as well.

Anyways Ive gotta get back to work. Stay connected.--
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