Tuesday, October 05, 2010

This a painting I completed last week titled "Conscentization" it is 36" X 52" gesso, rice and oil pastels. This work builds around the socializing of education. The ideas that are consistently coming from Washington concerning education. So if you were a politician and had a grip on monies that would improve the schools which side would you take?

The Social Efficiency Ideology advocates believe that the purpose of schooling is to effectively meet the needs of society by training youth to function as future mature contributing members of our society.

Learner Centered Ideology proponents focus not on the need of society or the academic disciplines, but on the need and concerns of individuals.

Social Reconstruction Ideologies are conscious of the problems of our society and the injustices done to its members, such as those originating from racial, gender, and social and economical inequalities.

Historical Perspective of the curriculum ideologies has a historical recognition of the history of the traditions out of which each grew gives an important sense of perspective.

weigh in ......

here is another piece i recently finished 4 days ago. This one is of course titled

"EDucation REFORM" and it is 48" X 38" oil pastels, rice, and gesso

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