Friday, November 12, 2010

u·biq·ui·tous (y-bkw-ts) having or seeming to have the ability to be everywhere at once; omnipresent

egoist or egotist
5 X 7
Oil, Gesso, Rice, Pastels

"Final Draw"
9 X 12
oil, rice and gesso on wood panel- $125

Up comming Art showing
Featured art by

This Friday at 6:30
Food, Music, and Art- Downtown.
Featuring Christopher-Aaron Deanes 12 most recent works in oils
811 LaSalle Ave Suite 205A
Minneapolis, MN, 55402

This work has been taxing to my studio time, family, ministry, and school. It embodies the whole of some of the things that I have recently trialed (such as relationships) and other things that are always in question of ponderance. As I proceed to grow my studio awareness and painting provisions I am developing what I consider one of the final and most steady stylized expression that I have ever created through the posture of using rice in my gesso as a stable. Oil Pastels expressionistic through the aggressive impressions that are developed through that thought and the images that fills the sketches and photos that Iv'e taken or found through my journey. I hope that you are able to enjoy this exhibition and expressly are able to gleam something positive or challenging from it.
This show is now posted at Elworh blog site located : http://
This work is dear to me as it has evaluated and become descriptive of my most recent body and expression. This exploration mves forward the continued use of rice in my work, oil pastels, and gesso. These mediums are displayed on wood panels. Enjoy
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