Friday, December 27, 2013

Pro Global week 7-8

As I continue to work on this incredible process for the mural at Sanford middle school I realize that all expectations that I had has shifted. My artistic eye has come into play I'm thinking more about composition I'm thinking more about color I'm thinking more about positioning.   The integrity of the entire piece is still intact however, there are things about this mural that come out better than I had expected. And are some other things that are more challenging the deals with composition and placement.  Overall this process is really enjoyable and putting together the team of students and staff to help me complete some of the larger pieces have an exciting as well.  
It might not look like it as of yet however I believe there's about 10 to 12 hours left to complete this mural project.  The ultimate goal is for students to you at home and comfortable. For students to know that this is there space and it's all inclusive.  The mural shows students as successful leaders and professional students.  I must say the process for writing the grant to do this mural was even an experience for me.  
I've done few before but it's been years the Balence is quite different than before and I appreciate what it takes to go through with this process.  After all as a professional artist this is what I expect more of.  Today I worked4 more hours on this project painting and quite naturally enjoyed it .  There were 9 students yesterday and today that came out to assist along with Marlene Maloney an art teacher/ friend who also assisted me on this project.  It's interesting how painting youth changes as the process also changes, smaller necks , bigger eyes, bigger ears ( because they don't grow much in the process of becoming an adult).  The cheeks are generally puffy or rounded more so tha adults.  This reminder allowed me to examine youth more so than before, gestures and mannerisms. Youth are interesting and painting this mural and teaching middle school kids gives me that perspective.  
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