Monday, January 06, 2014

Dr. John Biggars SEED Project: 2014

John Biggers Seed Project has begun with several local artist including one from Detroit Bing Davis and Jon Onye Lockard, who also leads the team with Ta–coumba T. Aiken and  Seitu Jones

This artist group was selected by the City of Minneapolis to develop, build, create, and paint a new public arts project that will replace the former mural that was designed by the late great Dr. John Biggars.  Though I was not of of hoses artist painting that mural I did have the honor of meeting 
Dr. Biggars,  had dinner with he and his wife a few nights and he spoke with me about painting frogs???  Interesting guy I was honored and blown away as a young artist looking for feed back 
and inspiration.  I ended my meet with the Biggars by painting a few fogs for him personally.  Not sure what he ever did with this but it was a great experience.  Needless to say, four years later 
he passed away in 2001 and his mural that was designed as a corridor to North Minneapolis community was destroyed due to a new housing development being built.  The city felt like the wall would create a space liken to projects, and as I say all the time perception is everything.  This won over protest and pleas by local artist and community leaders.  Since then Obsidian Arts Gallery, The City Of Minneapolis, and The University of Minnesota's Urban Research Department gathered to collect funds from several supporters to attain over 1/2 of a million dollars to redo a project that will reestablish the original thoughts of this project and honor Dr. Biggars.  Stay posted and I will keep you updated on this project and the exciting new mural that will arrive in North Minneapolis in the next 10 months.

this is an example of a sketch box i painted in response to Jon Onye Lockard, paintings it will act asa a sketch in the process of development for this project.

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