Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pro global week 12: DONE

It's been a long run but we have arrived at a completed project .  Parent, student, teacher and staff feedback has added critically needed feedback that delivered great perspectives.
I had a Somalian boy staring at the mural asking me when I was going to put a Somalian boy in the painting and he was clear that the boy had to be playing soccer.  Another student thanked me for adding words that affirmed their successes.  While a third student was excited to see kids that look like him.  
As an artist I am continually interested in developing strategies for people to have critical conversations about learning and religion.  While this piece has nothing to do with religion it does offer a great platform for critical thinkers/ classrooms/ staff and parents.  
One of the most exciting parts of this project is working with the youth that were 11-15 year olds and nearly 35 students.  This project developed a lot of sketches and ideas for new paintings.  
I will post a preview of my newer painting next week. Our artist team has an artist critique session at my home on Friday whoa very excited!
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